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The factors that had a major impact on oil prices last week

Autor: Financial Market
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Oil prices were affected by several factors during last week, resulting in a notable drop followed by stabilization. This phenomenon, influenced by significant geopolitical and economic events, reveals the complexity and interconnectedness of global energy markets.

One of the factors affecting the downward trend in prices was the possibility of a ceasefire in Gaza. Discussions in Qatar regarding this issue kept investors on edge, increasing the perception of risk and exerting downward pressure on oil prices. Although temporary, this factor underscored the importance of geopolitical events in crucial oil-producing regions for market behavior.

Countering this trend, conflicts in Eastern Europe, particularly Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, helped sustain oil prices. Concerns about European energy supply stability boosted demand and limited price declines, providing significant medium-term support.

Furthermore, the decrease in oil rigs in the United States mitigated downward pressure on prices. This reduction in drilling activity suggested a potential decline in future oil production, contributing to market stability by reducing expectations of oversupply.

On the other hand, strengthening the US dollar and expectations of lower interest rates in the United States exerted additional pressure on oil prices.

A stronger dollar makes oil more expensive for investors operating in other currencies, which can reduce demand and, hence, prices. Moreover, the prospect of lower interest rates can impact global economic activity and, consequently, energy demand.

Despite the uncertainty generated by these factors, oil prices maintained stability due to the increase in net long positions in US crude futures and options. This display of confidence by investors suggests underlying optimism about the future direction of oil prices, thus countering immediate downward pressures.

In conclusion, last week was marked by a series of events that exerted contradictory pressures on oil prices. Despite the initial drop due to ceasefire talks in Gaza, stability was maintained thanks to factors such as reduced future supply, uncertainty in Eastern Europe, and investor optimism.

These events underscore the complexity and volatility inherent in the global energy market and the interconnectedness between geopolitical, economic, and financial events in determining oil prices.