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Oracle declares its quarterly report and surpasses market expectations

Autor: Financial Market
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Oracle, a cloud technology and services leader, surprised the financial market by surpassing quarterly earnings estimates on Monday.

This success is primarily attributed to increased demand for its cloud services, driven by the flourishing field of generative artificial intelligence.

Oracle’s stock value increased significantly, surpassing $129 in after-hours trading, reflecting market confidence in the company.

Oracle’s strategy to boost subscription demand has been notable, mainly through its strategic partnerships. Collaboration with rivals like Microsoft and technology leaders like Nvidia has been instrumental.

The partnership with Nvidia, in particular, has enabled Oracle to offer robust and costly supercomputers to its cloud service clients, adding significant value to its offering.

Excluding specific items, the company reported $1.41 per share earnings for the third quarter, a 16% increase that exceeded analysts’ expectations. However, while earnings surpassed forecasts, the company’s total revenue of $13.28 billion was slightly below market estimates.


Oracle’s largest segment, license support and cloud services, experienced a 12% growth, reaching $9.96 billion in sales. This increase is primarily attributed to the strong demand for artificial intelligence servers, demonstrating Oracle’s appeal in the emerging field of AI.

The company expects to maintain its momentum in the future, anticipating significant contracts to reserve cloud infrastructure capacity. Demand for AI infrastructure significantly outpaces current supply, presenting substantial opportunities for Oracle despite its rapid expansion of cloud data centers.

Despite these achievements, not all news was positive for Oracle in the quarter. Cloud and on-premises license sales slightly declined, while hardware and services revenues also suffered drops. Although offset by success in other areas, these results highlight Oracle’s continued need to diversify and adapt to a changing market.

In conclusion, Oracle has demonstrated its ability to exceed market expectations, capitalizing on the growing interest in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Its focus on strategic partnerships and ongoing innovation in technology services position the company favorably for the future despite persistent challenges in some segments of its business.